Unhindered: Week Four

Lesson Four of the Summer Bible Study on the book of Acts.Continue Reading →

Unhindered: Week Three

Lesson Three of the Summer Bible Study on the book of Acts.Continue Reading →

Unhindered: Week Two

Lesson Two of the Summer Bible Study on the book of Acts.Continue Reading →

Unhindered: Week One

Lesson One of the Summer Bible Study on the book of Acts.Continue Reading →

Lesson Seven—Luke 24: The Miracle of the Resurrection

Lord: Thank You for this study. I am humbled by all the many things You have taught me this year through Luke. Help me to reflect on the resurrection and ascension in new ways as I study this final chapter…Continue Reading →

Lesson Six—Luke 22-23: The Death of God’s Son

Dear God: I thank You for giving up Your only Son to die for me on the cross. I thank You because You had mercy on me, even with my faults and sins. I thank You for Your infinite love…Continue Reading →

Lesson Five—Luke 20-21: The Stone that the Builders Rejected

Dear Father in Heaven: Help us to fully absorb and understand the significance and truth of Jesus’ teaching. Show us how to apply it to our own lives and share it boldly with others. I pray that You would give…Continue Reading →

Lesson Four—Luke 18-19: Prayer—Humility—Discipleship—Jerusalem at Last

Dear Lord: Help me to take every thought captive and to surrender my heart and life to You in true obedience and godly humility. Help me to look into the mirror of Your Word and let its truth search out…Continue Reading →

Lesson Three—Luke 16-17: Glimpses of the Future

Heavenly Father: I thank You for Your instruction this week. We see examples of dangers to avoid and glimpses of our future. I thank You for Your mercy and grace to equip us with Your Word. I am so thankful…Continue Reading →

Lesson Two—Luke 14-15: Jesus Explains the Heart of God

Father: We bow down in Your presence to humbly ask that we learn to put You first, others second, and ourselves last as we study and meditate on this week’s lessons in love, humility, hospitality, and forgiveness. Give us hearts…Continue Reading →

Lesson One—Luke 11-13: Discipleship and Correction

Heavenly Father: Thank You for my salvation. Thank You for sending Jesus Your Son, fully divine, fully man. Mold me and shape me to be more like Him. Use Your Word this week to instruct and guide me. Disciple and…Continue Reading →

Lesson Six—Luke 9-10: The Cost of Following Christ

Lord: Your power is overwhelming to me. As I continue to read and study Your Word, prepare my heart this week to understand the full impact of what I read. Let me read the text with fresh eyes, knowing You…Continue Reading →

Lesson Five—Luke 7-8: Narrowing the Focus

Heavenly Father: Every moment recorded in Scripture about Jesus has something impactful to teach me. I pray You focus my thoughts on the text, and give me new eyes to see this material. Write on my heart the lesson You…Continue Reading →

Lesson Four—Luke 6: Set Apart for Christ

Heavenly Father: Teach me what it really means to follow Jesus. Use the words of Jesus to shine a light into my heart this week as I study this lesson. Help me to love others with a Christ-like love that…Continue Reading →

Lesson Three—Luke 4-5: The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me

Dear Father in Heaven: Thank You for the example we have in Christ—of how to face temptation and not succumb, of continually speaking truth in the face of opposition, of dealing with challenging people and situations with grace. I pray…Continue Reading →

Lesson Two—Luke 2-3: The King Eternal Is Born

Dear Father in Heaven: Please open our hearts and minds to this familiar story of Jesus’ birth and early life, and help us rediscover all You would have us understand about Your Son. Help us to hear Your Word with…Continue Reading →

Lesson One—Luke 1: The Silence Is Broken

Heavenly Father: Use this year to help me know You through this study of Luke. Point out truth about Jesus. May I always strive to know Jesus as You define Him in the Bible. Develop in me discernment as this…Continue Reading →

Introduction to Luke

Melissa Renner introduces the Gospel of Luke and what Women's Bible Study will look like this semester. “Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down…Continue Reading →

Week Four: New Covenant

This week, we will see how the new covenant mediated by Jesus Christ, the seed of Abraham and the Davidic King is the unconditional means by which all the Old Testament covenants are fulfilled. We will study the nature of…Continue Reading →

Week Three: Moses and David

This week, we look at the Mosaic and Davidic covenants. The call to Israel was to be a kingdom of priests to display the righteousness of the Lord to the world as they kept the law. The covenant with David…Continue Reading →

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