Category Free to Soar: A Study in Romans

Lesson Twelve: Praise for God Alone

As we come to the end of this book, we once again see Paul’s heart. He wants to be in Rome to fellowship with the church there. As we find out in Acts, Paul will eventually make it to Rome… Continue Reading →

Lesson Eleven: Mission-Minded

Paul begins to close his letter to the church in Rome in these verses. He discusses his past, present, and future missions. Downloads P.M. Session with Marilyn Meberg

Lesson Ten: Accept One Another

The church in Rome included both Jewish and Gentile believers. Sadly, this diversity caused disagreements in the church. Paul addressed the problem by giving the believers two warnings and an exhortation: (1) a warning against judging one another, (2) a… Continue Reading →

Lesson Nine: Submission Rooted in Love

Paul tells us of our responsibilities to serve God and those around us. Here he continues to outline the responsibilities we have toward others by focusing on governing authorities all the way down to our neighbors. Our attitude toward others… Continue Reading →

Lesson Eight: The Transforming Power of the Gospel

In this last section of our study, we will focus on how to respond to our faith in Christ. How does our faith become visible to a watching world? Downloads P.M. Session with Marilyn Meberg

Lesson Seven: Israel’s Future Salvation

In Romans 9:30–10:21, Paul explained Israel’s culpability in their rejection of Jesus as Messiah. Last week, we heard the bad news that Israel had rejected their Messiah. This week, we get the good news: their hardening is partial (11:1–10), purposeful… Continue Reading →

Lesson Six: Israel’s Present Rejection

Last week we looked at Paul’s argument that Israel’s present rejection of Jesus as their Messiah does not negate God’s sovereignty or the promises to Israel revealed in His word. Paul uses the analogy of the potter and the clay… Continue Reading →

Lesson Five: Israel’s Past Election

Romans 8 presents one of the most beautiful and endearing passages in Scripture. God assures us of our security in Him (Romans 8:1) and of His sovereignty in calling us to salvation (Roman 8:28–29). And who can forget the amazing… Continue Reading →

Lesson Four: The Prayers of Paul

Paul’s letters reflect the shepherd’s heart he had for those to whom God called him. This week we are going to look at how Paul prays for those under his care. Downloads

Lesson Three: Life in the Spirit

Paul described life “in the flesh” in chapter 7. Now he describes the opposite—life “in the newness of the Spirit” (7:6). He celebrates this new life of the Spirit that Christians enjoy as a result of Christ’s saving work. Controlled… Continue Reading →

Lesson Two: Released from the Law

The apostle Paul returns to the question of Romans 6:15: Shall we continue to sin while under grace? His resounding answer is—no! Now he illustrates his negative answer, using the familiar topic of marriage. Marriage is lifelong, but if one… Continue Reading →

Lesson One: Dead to Sin, Alive to God

The book of Romans was written by the apostle Paul in approximately AD 57–58. Although Paul was known as the apostle to the Gentiles, he still felt called to minister to his Jewish brethren (Romans 9:1–5). It appears that Paul… Continue Reading →


Free To Soar: A Study in Romans, Part II The book of Romans was written by the apostle Paul in approximately AD 57–58. Although Paul was known as the apostle to the Gentiles, he still felt called to minister to… Continue Reading →

Lesson Seven: The Ultimate Gift

Last week, we looked at the example of Abraham and how his righteousness came from faith and not from works. However, Paul’s focus is not on Abraham’s faith in general but on a specific aspect of his faith. Romans 4:16–24… Continue Reading →

Lesson Six: Only By Faith

As we learned last week, no one is righteous. Because of God’s faithfulness and what Jesus did for us, though, God sees us as righteous. This undeserved gift is hard for us to fathom—and it was an especially hard concept… Continue Reading →

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