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Lesson Twelve: You, A Daughter of The King

Background: Reading through the Psalms, you will notice a life-changing phrase repeated. It is the phrase “O LORD my God,” and though its words are few, the weight of this truth will lead us in worship for all eternity. Tony…Continue Reading →

Lesson Eleven: Mary Magdalene

Background: Mary Magdalene is mentioned 14 times in the Gospels. A striking feature in 8 of those 14 passages is that Mary is named with other women, but she always heads the list, implying her significance. In one instance, her…Continue Reading →

Lesson Ten: Mary, Mother of Jesus

Background: The Jesus Storybook Bible paints a vivid picture of Gabriel and Mary’s conversation about God’s plan to bring Jesus into the world. It says: “Mary, you’re going to have a baby. A little boy. You will call him Jesus.…Continue Reading →

Lesson Nine: The Samaritan Woman

Background: It was not customary for Jews to travel through Samaria. Also, in this culture, men would never speak to a female stranger in public. Understanding the counter-cultural nature of this exchange between Jesus and this Samaritan woman helps us…Continue Reading →

Lesson Eight: Bathsheba

Background: We often see Bathsheba in a negative light. The story of her affair with King David has made her infamous. Through our study this week we will reflect on who she was and end the week seeing her with…Continue Reading →

Lesson Seven: Abigail: The Humble Diplomat

Background: Abigail found herself in a precarious position, caught between the stubborn foolishness of her husband and the intense anger of Israel’s future king. Though Abigail had no special position, God granted her the wisdom and courage to prevent the…Continue Reading →

Lesson Six: Rahab: Harlot to Heroine

Background: Before you read the story of Rahab in Joshua, picture her in this scene. She is an inhabitant of Jericho, a great walled city. She is a Canaanite woman in a pagan culture that worships multiple gods, notably the…Continue Reading →

Lesson Five: A Tale of Two Tamars

Background: The troubling account of Judah’s relationship with Tamar, which interrupts the ongoing story of Joseph’s time in Egypt, fulfills an important role in Genesis. It focuses on the continuation of Judah’s family line (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah) and concludes…Continue Reading →

Lesson Four: Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah

Background: In Carolyn Custis James’s book, Half the Church, we read, “Whatever we lost in Eden we find again in Jesus.”1 That is a truth worth pondering. As we dig into the stories of Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah this week,…Continue Reading →

Lesson Three: Sarai and Hagar

Background: God promised Abram many descendants. As the years passed, Abram and Sarai (whom God later renamed Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 17) began to doubt God’s promises. An accepted practice in the ancient Near East culture in that day…Continue Reading →

Lesson Two: Eve

Background: There is a spiritual battle raging all around us as Satan works to destroy the God-given institutions of marriage and family. We see it played out in the physical world, but we must not forget that it is spiritual.…Continue Reading →

Lesson One: Image Bearers

Background: The traditional view of being made in God’s image is that God’s image is displayed in us when we employ certain moral, intellectual, and ethical abilities. However, based on Hebrew grammar and historical ancient Near East context, the phrase…Continue Reading →


Diamonds in the Rough Our study of women in the Bible begins. There can be misperceptions about women in the Bible; often they experienced mistreatment or were misunderstood. Together, we will strive to see how God views women, and see…Continue Reading →

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