Isaiah: Past, Present, and Future

Lesson Six: The Lord’s Judgement Against the Nations

Background: The nations in Isaiah’s day challenged the sovereignty of God. Isaiah’s oracles against the nations do more than announce Israel and Judah’s coming restoration in the messianic kingdom—they proclaim the ultimate victory of God. Yahweh, God of Israel and…Continue Reading →

Lesson Five: The Book of Immanuel

Background: Repeatedly God tells His people to “trust Me.” In this section of Isaiah, we will look at this concept of trust. God uses four names to get their attention. Isaiah’s name means “Jehovah is salvation,” an apt name for…Continue Reading →

Lesson Four: The Lord Will Be Exalted

Background: Throughout the Bible, the Lord reveals Himself to be a God who comes down and gets in the dirt with His people. In Genesis 2, we see, “The Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and…Continue Reading →

Lesson Three: The Lord Will Restore Zion

Background: Isaiah 2–4 perfectly illustrates this week’s memory verse. The passage starts and ends with descriptions of the glorious millennial reign of Messiah in Mount Zion. The holy ones whom God has purified and set apart for Himself will stream…Continue Reading →

Lesson Two: The Lord’s Lawsuit Against the Nation

Background: The hallmark of Isaiah is this: Salvation is of God! Jesus Christ is the Messiah! However, the years in Israel’s history covered in Isaiah were a time of great struggle politically and spiritually. Isaiah 1:2–31 has been called “the…Continue Reading →

Lesson One: Introduction to Isaiah

Background: It has been said that “prophecy is the mold into which history is poured.” Isaiah, the son of Amoz, whose name means “the Lord is my salvation,” prophesied in and around Jerusalem during the reigns of four kings of…Continue Reading →


Isaiah: Past, Present, and Future Melissa Renner, Pastoral Leader for Stonebriar Women, introduces our study in the book of Isaiah.Continue Reading →

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