Abigail found herself in a precarious position, caught between the stubborn foolishness of her husband and the intense anger of Israel’s future king. Though Abigail had no special position, God granted her the wisdom and courage to prevent the massacre of her family and the disgrace of God’s anointed. Abigail’s discernment, decisive action, humility, and Spirit-led speech serve as a model of expert diplomacy.

Memory Verse:

“David replied to Abigail, ‘Bless the Lord God of Israel who has sent you to meet me today! Thank God for your good sense! Bless you for keeping me from murdering the man and carrying out vengeance with my own hands.’” (I Samuel 25:32–33, TLB)


Sometimes in life we are required to engage in conflicts we ourselves did not create. They can come as the result of being in a challenging relationship with a spouse or other family member, the subordinate of a difficult boss, or as part of a fractured organization. Often in these situations we find our loyalties tested, particularly when there is no clear-cut delineation between good and evil, right and wrong; no party to the conflict is without error. Abigail’s loyalty was to her Lord, compelling her to step out wisely and courageously to right a situation that could have gone horribly wrong. Are you navigating any challenging relationships or conflicts this week? Where is your loyalty? Pray for each person who comes to mind, and ask God to give you wisdom and courage in your approach.

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