Many people use the term prayer warrior, but I have to admit, I struggle with this term.  I sometimes want to shout, “We are not prayer warriors, we are prayer servants!”  There is a servanthood in prayer; we seek not to pray for ourselves but for others to be blessed, have endurance, be joyful and fruit-bearers for the Lord.  Servants do the bidding of their master and did not our Master tell us to pray?   Did He not say, “approach the throne of grace with confidence?” (Heb. 4:16)   Did He not say to be alert and to persevere in prayer? (Eph. 6:18)   We serve in prayer and we dedicate ourselves to the ministry of prayer with faith that God hears and answers every whisper and wrestling that has been uttered.

Prayer servants require faith and serve with expectation of God working all things together for good, as He said in Rom 8:28.  Prayer servants expect the unexpected because they know God is able to do ‘abundantly above all that they ask of think’ (Eph. 3:20).

Most prayer servants don’t start out with the calling of intercessor on their lives; it usually evolves as they walk in obedience to God.  They seek the Lord, they ask Him for His will and He leads them to the place of intercession for others.  As their prayer lives deepen, they find themselves being asked by others to intercede on their behalf; they find fulfillment in praying with others.

If prayer is something you are wrestling with, welcome to prayer servanthood.  It is the best struggle you can ever be a part of and it will stretch you, grow you, enlarge your faith and bring great joy.  God will enable you to see Him do amazing things and you will experience Him in new ways and get to know Him more intimately.

Do you want to test the waters and see if God is calling you to prayer servanthood?  You could join our prayer servant team for women’s ministry at Stonebriar.  The blessings are eternal and the joy is everlasting.  We would love to have you!