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Lesson Six: Selah

Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life The character of Jesus Christ is foundational to His precious promises. The word Selah is frequently used in the Old Testament (71 times in Psalms; 3 times in Habakkuk) to indicate a pause,…Continue Reading →

Lesson Seven: Caretakers of Faith

Background: A caretaker is defined as a person who tends to someone or something. We are created in God’s image. God’s role for us as women is to be co-caretakers of the world. Jesus’ ministry includes saving, serving, helping, healing,…Continue Reading →

Lesson Six: Character Counts

Background: Jesus recognized and elevated women in a way unprecedented in the first century. This week we will focus on the stories of several of these women and the decisions they made, which shaped their actions, character, and outcomes. Each…Continue Reading →

Lesson Five: The Compassion Of Christ

Background: At the time of Jesus’ ministry on earth, Jewish culture was decidedly patriarchal (see Appendix B). The daily prayers of Jewish men included this prayer of thanksgiving: “Praised be God that he has not created me a woman.” At…Continue Reading →

Lesson Four: Commended or Condemned?

Background: Strong women use their voices to influence others in positive or negative ways. Huldah was known for her wise and godly counsel. The infamous Jezebel, however, is still synonymous with evil. Memory Verse: “The integrity of the upright guides…Continue Reading →

Lesson Three: Courage in the Lord

Background: The story of Deborah features a valiant, wise woman who was chosen by God to serve as prophet and judge. At God’s command, Deborah commissions Barak and accompanies him to the battlefield. Deborah prophetically reveals, however, that the honor…Continue Reading →

Lesson Three: Sarai and Hagar

Background: God promised Abram many descendants. As the years passed, Abram and Sarai (whom God later renamed Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 17) began to doubt God’s promises. An accepted practice in the ancient Near East culture in that day…Continue Reading →

Lesson Two: Eve

Background: There is a spiritual battle raging all around us as Satan works to destroy the God-given institutions of marriage and family. We see it played out in the physical world, but we must not forget that it is spiritual.…Continue Reading →

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