A caretaker is defined as a person who tends to someone or something. We are created in God’s image. God’s role for us as women is to be co-caretakers of the world. Jesus’ ministry includes saving, serving, helping, healing, teaching, and discipling.

Memory Verse:

“For I am Wisdom, and I am shrewd and intelligent. I have at my disposal living-understanding to devise a plan for your life. Wisdom pours into you when you begin to hate every form of evil in your life, for that’s what worship and fearing God is all about. Then you will discover that your pompous pride and perverse speech are the very ways of wickedness that I hate!” (Proverbs 8:12–13, TPT)


How can you exhibit faith like the woman who only needed to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment? In what part of your life do you need to take that step of faith?

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