Isaiah 2–4 perfectly illustrates this week’s memory verse. The passage starts and ends with descriptions of the glorious millennial reign of Messiah in Mount Zion. The holy ones whom God has purified and set apart for Himself will stream to His holy city. There they will find peace, righteousness, instruction, and protection. But not so for the wicked! The three middle poems of this section describe utter desolation and despair. The high are brought low and lower still. God eradicates every earthly thing man puts his trust in, until only His mountain remains. Hope bookends judgment.

Memory Verse:

“Tell the godly that all will be well for them. They will enjoy the rich reward they have earned! But the wicked are doomed, for they will get exactly what they deserve.” (Isaiah 3:10–11, NLT)


What is my heart desiring today that holds dangerous potential of derailing my life, witness, and love for the Lord?

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