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Lesson Twelve: Goal of Growth

In this third and last chapter of his powerful little book, Peter presents the goal of growth. Downloads

Lesson Eleven: Threat to Growth

Last week we read Peter’s challenge to grow. This week, we will look at the coming threat to that growth. Downloads

Lesson Nine: A Shepherd’s Care

The theme of 1 Peter is that the true grace of God has been exemplified in Christ and is to be emulated by Christians. Grace [Gk charis—grace, gift, favor, gratitude; 8x in 1 Peter; 2x in 2 Peter] is the… Continue Reading →

Lesson Eight: Unjust Suffering

Suffering is never a pleasant experience. However, the benefits that Christ’s suffering achieved were profound: God made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him (2… Continue Reading →

Lesson Five: Prayers of the Righteous

James warns of the future judgment awaiting wealthy people who are self–indulgent. His rebuke is aimed at people who were physically rich but spiritually poor. Downloads

Lesson Four: Humble Before God

The overall purpose in this chapter continues a major theme woven throughout the book. James urges believers to be consistent in living out their devotion to God by their words and actions. Commitment to God is evident when Christians practice… Continue Reading →

Lesson Two: Faith Lived Out

In James 1, James told us of the trials and temptations we will face, why we face them, and where they come from. In chapter two, James switches gears a bit. Now he focuses on our faith, and the evidence… Continue Reading →


James, 1 Peter, and 2 Peter James spent much time with Jesus and was a prominent member of the early church. The book of James has been referred to as the “proverbs of the New Testament.” It was one of… Continue Reading →

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