(set to the tune Come Thou Fount)

Come thou Romans, gather closely
Paul has words for you to hear
Those belov’d of God, I ask you
Open your hearts; lend your ear
Let’s encourage one another
As we’re seeking Christ alone
You’re my sister, you’re my brother
And through Jesus we are one

He’s the Savior that we longed for
After years of guilt and shame
There is not one who is righteous
No, not one is without blame
Our need for Christ is desperate
Our need is to be free
For we all fall short of glory
But through Him there’s victory

Sin first entered and consumed us
Just as Adam disobeyed
God gave the law to lead and guide us
But it was not meant to save
Only Jesus had the power
To save us from sin and death
This free gift that Christ has given-
Realized at His last breath

If you confess your love for Jesus
And in your heart trust His Truth,
His saving grace is yours for claiming
The blood He shed has covered you!
Christ as fulfillment of God’s promise;
Christ as fulfillment of the law.
He’s our perfect hope and glory
King of Heaven, Lord of all!

*Lyrics by Trista Hoffman written to the tune of Robert Robinson’s hymn, “Come Thou Fount”